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Originally Posted by pits200 View Post
How the hell is my geometry so different than yours.

1- Are those stock end links?- they look very different than my stockers.

2- In your vid you can see the drive axel (I don't know what its called) with the bar code sticker. Mine has the sticker but that is what came into contact with my end link. Yours looks like it is so far away?? Also, go to page 2, check out my pic, not the angle of my end link. When I rotated the collar so the tab faced the front of the car this improved dramatically. But yours is even pointing to the back slightly and your endlinks are almost vertical. Is it due to the position of my sway? Do you think I need to rotate it up???

3- Going back to the load question- as long as the bar can pivot and both sides are the same won't it be unloaded? The real question is where is the optimum point to rotate it when it is unloaded and the car is on the ground. Harold says, IIRC, the mount for the endlink should be horizontal to the pivot point, or bushing. Which makes sense, at that point it would have the most leverage and play either way. How do you think yours measures with this in mind?

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