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Originally Posted by critical05 View Post
So I turned the wheel as far as it would go and snapped a pic. There is no interference that I could see or any signs of contact between the endlink, sway bar or any other part.

One thing I did notice is the space between the driveshaft and steering rack. It looks like the sway bar would probably be centered in this space on a stock car. It looks like on a stock car the sway bar would be angled further down than on a lowered car. Either case, the end link would be further from vertical and the sway bar further from horizontal.

Edit - I do see a slight mark before the label on the half shaft that looked like the end link scratched the dirt off. Since the car was stationary when I turned the wheel would explain the horizontal line. The good thing is that it only occurs when the wheel is close to full lock. I don't see the paint on the half shaft scratched to indicate this is a common occurrence. the other good thing is the half shaft is steel and the endlink is aluminum so the endlink will wear first
Where your clean line on the half shaft is is exactly where my half shaft has a groove. Contrary to your wrought, it was the part that took the beating. I think mine was very close like yours, but the collar on my AST's was not orientated correctly causing just enough of an increase in that angle. I have since corrected that. You can actually see the groove in my photo on page 2.

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