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1. General mkts either at a short term top or very close to it...abit overbought here...mkts nrrd to reset soon.

2. RIMM annoyed me today but I am in this on for long run...the new Blackberry will seal this companies fate either way...I am banking on it doing well over the next was just noise...but half my profits on RIMM now down the toilet...

3. the dollar looking to decline more...should bode well for metals...GDX still looks abit shaky for now but gold and silver could make a nice intermediate term bottom now...looks enticing.

4. FB still looks decent...sold off AH's but regained most of the ad revenues cont to ramp up hard....always volatile on earnings day.

5. AAPL doing well for was good people were all calling for AAPL to drop another 100 pts...that implied serious fear and poor sentiment, two ingredients to make a bottom...charts also said 440-ish should be a bottom either on ST or IT basis....will still add more AAPL when it goes down again.

Looking to take some long metal positions now.