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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
I assume you are talking of 'old' engines of the time. I was driving 'new' diesel models 45 years ago, they were rubbish. BMC 1.5 diesel anyone, or the BMC 2.2 diesel?

Two cars come to mind. Back in 1986 ish one of my teachers had a Sierra diesel. In those days I used to study the back pages of What Car magazine so knew the performance figures. 0-60 was something like 16 seconds - we used to take micky out the teacher because of it... He claimed it could still do the ton. Then, in the 90s my flat mate at uni had an Astra diesel. I drove it. I've never driven a car since that has made me laugh out loud. It was so slow that I could hardly believe it. No feeling of acceleration what so ever, it was only that I could hear an awful racket and see trees moving that I knew the car was actually making any form if progress!

My first experience that things might be changing was in about 97 when I was working in a Renault dealer on a uni placement and every one was referring to the Megan diesel as a 'flying machine'. Ha ha.
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