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Originally Posted by Neothin87
looks like i need to take a trip to sears this weekend. do they usually have all their tool sets in store or will online be my best bet?
Depends on the size of your local store. I would browse online and make your purchase in store. Also side note Kmart is owned by Sears now so you may find some deals there as well.
Myself I used to be an automotive tech and 99% of my stuff is MAC including tool chest and cart, and just a handful of Snap-on.

$500 will get you a pretty decent craftsman starter set. It all depends on what you really need, and what you plan on doing. Spending all of that on a starter kit, may have a bunch of junk in that kit you will never need or want. $200-$300 may get you a decent starter kit and spend the rest on specialty items like a multi-meter or torque wrench; or some good ramps and drain pan to do your own oil changes etc..