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jeez this topic got way out of hand!

ok so here is my input!

as mentioned previously my mate was looking at a 320i vert

on Sunday we was in loughborough and veiwed a 320i m sport vert and i did the test drive, the transmission was auto and in normal Drive mode it was pretty sluggish, push it to the left and go semi auto and it shifted quite nicely!

so the drive aspect of it was nice, nothing wrong with it mate BUT i cant vouch for its reliability! and to be fair i think that it is hit and miss! you will get problems with just about any car these days whether 4 or 6 pot!

on monday i found another car for my mate, a 325i m sport vert and test drove that! you can immediately tell the difference from the sound of the engine and the power delivery! granted not the quickest car to get but a lovely drive and puts a smile on your face when you put your foot down!

what i am trying to say is that having driven both cars! they are both very good choices! at the end of the day it is still a BMW you are buying

go with what you can afford to run/insure and if you have a problem! there are plenty of Indi's that can be recommended for you to see to get it fixed!

your young (only a couple of years younger than me) and have the rest of your life to get a 6 cylinder engine so just do whats best for you now mate!

hope that helps!
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