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Originally Posted by JSH3 View Post
Yeah, I tried the reset. I THINK it worked, but I never heard the "sounds" everyone says you're supposed to hear while holding the gas pedal down. So I'm not sure if it took. Maybe I'll try again.

This is what I did:

1. Inserted fob into key slot.
2. Pressed Start Engine button
3. Depressed gas pedal all the way down for about 30 seconds (listened for the adjustments, but never heard them).
4. Released gas pedal.
5. Waited another 30 seconds.
6. Started the car.

No difference.
This is pure BS to let you know. This procedure activates the coolant purge cycle to work out the air in the cooling system. I've done this so many times and my brain said it works but the reality is, it doesn't Placebo effect...

You can do a free mod, just use it responsibly... Rear fog lights

Carbon fiber trim interior, I did it, looks a thousand times better.

Stay away from BMS Power Box, it is garbage IMO... I have it, never did a AA Tune, no time really and found I didn't really need it.

Get some LED's for the angel eyes, brighten them puppies up.$(KGrHqR,!j!E+E7nsK3uBP73T7(IIw~~60_12.JPG

Maybe do the airbox mod? I did and dropped an AFE air filter (dry element)
Not much of a difference but it breathes better