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Bad experiences at Sudbury

I had my first car serviced at Sudbury. There were so many issues I swore I must have had a lemon. I traded that car in at the Peabody dealership. My current 335 is 2 years old and has 30k miles. One morning it wouldn't start so I had it towed to Sudbury which is closer than Peabody. And I had recently got a cold call from a manager who asked me to consider giving them my business again -- that the service department had "changed". I had to call for an update 2 days later. Corey left a vm -- "it's all set". So I get myself there and ask what the deal was. "The computer says you left the key in the ignition for 10 hours, which drained the battery. We charged it overnight so it's good to go." I responded that I did no such thing and I was concerned about the fix. They said they couldn't do anything else based on the tests that they did. So the car started and off I went to dinner with a friend. Upon leaving the gd car doesn't start. I get a jump and head home. Again, won't start in the morning. Decided not to make another mistake by going to Sudbury. Got a jump and headed to Peabody where they confirmed a dead cell and replaced the battery at no cost. Been fine ever since. Never going to Sudbury again.