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Not to thread jack or anything but on the Dinan topic. Dinan FMIC best design on the market (do some research the fins in the front that match up with your bumper are brilliant) Dinan CAI the only true CAI other than Simota maybe and a few others but Ill pay extra for the warranty on the product. Dinan exhaust because I dont want to sound like a civic. Wouldnt do the flash I enjoy my cobb

Enjoy what you got.[/b]I also have some $500 tennis shoes that do nothing different than my $65.00 ones but they last 10 times longer[/b]

Read that last line again thats exactly why I only run quality wheels mainly but also only quality parts. You on the other hand paid money for over priced Dinan parts but then went out and bought a cheap looking set of shitty 20s. Again to each is own, not hear to have a pissing contest so I will end it at that as should you