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So looks like my shopping list may have changed, again!!

I'm considering the Rainbow CS 365 Vanadium for upfront now (shame you can't just buy the drivers as ships with Xover). I've read nothing but good reviews about them and a lot of people have preffered the tweeter from them as they are not harsh.

What do you guys think??? Go with the Rainbows or stick with the Hertz Mille (Drivers only).

Gonna go for the iPaul Amps too.. 2 x 4.300

Sticking with the Hertz HX300D Sub and the Ground Zero Hydrogen GZHA1.1200DXII amp but may use the iPaul DM2000 to keep continuity of equipment (although it will be hidden anyway).

Any Thoughts (other than filling under seats with 8" subs - this may come later)
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