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Originally Posted by rich1068 View Post
I saw an ad in the paper today that reminded me of this thread. Looked it up and here it is. 260 down and 260 per month. I think that's insanely good value.
Don't get me wrong. I doubt many of us on here would want that car for ourselves as it will be about as exciting and interesting as a trip to the inlaws but as an economical, extremely reliable, safe car for the family it's bloody good and it really is HAAAUUUUUGGEEEEEEE! inside.

As a side note. Last Honda I had was an old CRV which I bought for 1k. Ran it for a year, never a single fault, never serviced it. Stuck it on ebay just after Christmas, got 25 enquiries in 24 hours sold it for 1.5k within 48 hours. Bangernomics
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