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Thanks for sharing! Those are some amazing cars.

Aside from the Rolex series' 911s which are similar to the GT-Challenge cars in ALMS, I dont' know how the rest of the GT cars will merge with ALMS GT class. These GT cars are substantially different from ALMS GT cars. Just look at the 458 and the Astons, unless they will just expand the GTC field to include these cars, it'll be a painful switch as a lot of these Rolex GT teams may have to pay up to run ALMS GT cars which needs substantial factory support (other than the 911 RSR teams).

I can't see any of the Rolex GT 911 teams willing to pay up to run the ALMS GT 911 RSRs, the support needed for that car is on a different level.

The merger is suppose to save ALMS and Rolex series' money, but in order to do that they also need affordable entry for these teams.