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Originally Posted by Goettler_Boost View Post
Surprised at all the up and down opinions here.

This has to be my favorite shop sponsored car. It combines VIP wheels perfectly on a Euro car that actually still has more than enough get up and go. Love the build.

I'll be in touch with Bag Riders here soon enough I'm sure to get something in the works for my new C300. Haha.

Originally Posted by eric@helix View Post
I, too, am amused by the debate on bagged cars with aggressive stance. It really seems to raise the hackles of folks that love to modify their cars. I understand that on some cars with redicu-camber, safety is at a premium, but there are also safety compromises with performance tuned cars as well.

Bottom line: to each their own.

Personally, I like some of the older chassis BMWs better as a starting point for a stanced project. E28 being a particular favorite.
I appreciate the feedback guys.

Eric, it's true, 'stance' might be more practical on a less refined (and less powerful) platform, but when I had this car cranked down on coilovers it was was really difficult to get around.

For me, with the amount the car gets driven (a lot) being really low wasn't going to be an option without having the ability to raise the car up on the fly.

Low E28s are indeed awesome!

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