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Originally Posted by ihsanshaik View Post
He's basically selling a membership to Costco and a gift card all in one. Your saving 110 bucks possibly more. GLWS! Salaam.
Looks like the membership comes free with the gift card so he doesn't have to pay anything additional on top. And costco membership cost $50 per year.

Free membership from these gift card may be coming to a end:
Another Non-Member With Costco Gift Card Encounters Resistance

Itís not a well-known trick, but weíve written before about how itís possible to shop at Costco without a membership as long as you have a member purchase a gift card for you. But maybe this loophole is closing. A few months ago, one reader reported being turned away at the door, even with the Cash Card in hand. Stephen reports that he was allowed to enter the store, but was told that he couldnít make purchases without being a card-carrying member. They let him do it just this once. But allegedly never again.