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Originally Posted by BMWN54tech View Post
9 times out of 10 when a customer comes in telling me their turbo seals are bad I find zero oil in the turbo hotside and find a failed crankcase vent valve.

The seals in these turbos just don't go bad nearly as often as people assume they do. Just food for thought. In fact I've only replaced one turbo on a straight six for burning oil and it was on a N55. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but every time your car puffs blue smoke bmw will not allow me to throw 4 grand in turbos on the car. I have replaced DOZENS of sets of turbos in the past year for rattling, but not for burning oil.

If we were talking the N63 then it would be a different story, but these turbos just don't have a failure rate this forum leads on. I've seen a leaking fuel injector on this forum be diagnosed as a headgasket and turbo seals. Fuel leaks burn white/blue on this motor. It doesn't follow basic engine theory but its what happens. If I see one more thread where someone diagnosis their own car without measuring crankcase pressure or any proper diagnosis then blames the "idiots" at the dealer because 335guy07 from bumf'ingegypt diagnosed his car as turbo seals, I might lose it. /rant.
Very interesting

I've heard a bad OFH gasket can lead to smoke out of the exhaust, anything on this?

How could one check the CCV?