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Originally Posted by Ackrite View Post
Hello all! I'm hoping you can shed some light/offer your thoughts on an issue I'm having.

I just picked up a new 2011 E90 335i xDrive M-Sport which includes Navigation w/ Enhanced BT & USB, Smartphone Integration and BMW Apps according to the window sticker. Also, according to the dealership's website write-up it also has the Combox.

For the life of me, I could not figure out how to get BMW Apps working. So, via some searches on YouTube I found some video "walk throughs" of the option. It looks as if it is all contained under "ConnectedDrive" in the iDrive menu. Here's the rub...I do not have that option in my iDrive menu.

Now, if it was just the dealership's write up on their own website that I was basing my assumption of options on, I'd think that maybe they listed something the car did not actually have mistakenly. However, on both versions of my window sticker (the one on the actual window, as well as another version of it included with the car's documentation), the three options of Nav w/ Enh BT&USB, Smartphone Integration, and BMW Apps are all listed. question to you guys is do you think it's a situation of a bad Combox, or a bad connection between the Combox and the CIC, so that the option isn't registering in the iDrive menu? The system also will not accept the most recent (12/11) update for the Combox via the USB port in the center console. I'm obviously going to get the dealership involved, but I wanted to check with the collective knowledge of E90Post as well.

Thank you in advance!

Read thru thread and I am having the same issue with the car I purchased last month.

Build date is March 14, 2011.

Car has Combox and Navigation

Go into connecteddrive and BMW apps wont show up. I installed the app on my phone, ran it and did the diagnostics and received failed connection response.

I do not have the PPK as you guys have discussed.

I have service next Monday so if anyone has any insight on what I should tell the SA so I dont sound like an asshat that would be lovely.

Thanks from a brand new member!

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