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Originally Posted by g9sBMW View Post
switching the wiring worked for my passenger side.

Red to Black wire/green stripe
White to Yellow wire/ blue stripe.

But my driver side wasnt working with the Blue wire/green stripe so I had to remove the T tap and place it on the Black wire/ green stripe.

Black Wire with Insulated Male Spade Terminal = Black Wire/Green Stripe or Blue Wire/Green Stripe (DRIVER SIDE HALO WIRE)

After those 3 changes the halos work as DRL.

Mine is 3/07 build. . . . could I have coded these instead of the harness as well?
I don't think you could have. Your vehicle should have an FRM1 if I am not mistaken, in which case you need the harness or FRM2.

I installed the LCI halogens today with the harness and it all worked great!