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Anyone local and able to check out a car in Redondo Beach, CA?

Hi all,

Car is located in Redondo Beach... On Pacific Coast Highway at a dealer. I am in NJ, and going to ship the car. If someone works or lives near by and doesn't mind just doing a walk around, verifying tire tread % approx, any noticable exterior or interior dents/scratches/etc... curbed wheels, etc.

Apparently the dealer states there is none of these, but pictures can only tell you so much. Car is under warranty so if you want to drive it you can, but not needed. Car is an M3 w/ DCT (if that matters)

If anyone can help out a fellow forum member, please shoot me a PM and I can give you the info. I will mail you a 6 pack or donation to charity of your choice! :thumbs: :flag: