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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Many times I have read guns being compared to owning a high HP car in this thread. Which brings up a question in my mind for you gun owners here in this thread. Are you required by your state to carry liability insurance for your firearms?
No we're not. It is an interesting point. Hell when i was flying remote control airplanes i was required to carry some type of liability insurance incase my plane did damage to someone else's property.

But then again it's not illegal to fly a remote control airplane in public or around the general public.....

Discharging a firearm in public is illegal. In order to fire my weapon i must be on my own private property, on someone else's private property with their permission or in a designated hunting area. If it's already illegal to discharge a weapon on a school campus or a mall or on the street, why would it need state regulated liability insurance.

Quite frankly i'm more worried about property insurance with my firearms. Should these weapons not be available for purchase any longer they become quite valuable. To collectors and criminals. If they were stollen or damaged they are irreplaceable. In November the resale value of my weapons probably totaled about $11,500. Today the value has jumped to about $16k - $18k. If there was an actual ban on them the value would could be upwards of $25k or more. I've already purchased a 1100# 10ga steel safe in an effort to keep them safe and out of the wrong hands. But safes don't protect them from all possible damage and theft.
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