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Im 34, I started with minis, then back in 98 I went to a 205 diesel (plus the minis) cause I was doing bigger miles, and really liked it. Changed it for a 106 1.1 (loved it), and for the last decade a few 3 series... I always fancied an e46 330cd as the reviews were fantastic, after alot of trying I couldn't do a deal I was happy with, and ended up with one of the first 320i e92s... and loved it when it was running sweet.. Which was about 90% of the time.. changed it for a e92 325d. And I must confess, I actually find the 325d really very boring. So boring in fact that i managed to buy back my 106 after 9 years, and in the past 2 months since getting the 106 back, Ive driven the diesel once.

So in conclusion, I've nothing against diesels, really enjoyed my 205... just finding my e92 diesel experience rather boring... I tested a couple 335d e92s before going for the 325, but I found them very boring due to the gearbox.

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