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Holiday suggestions please

Mrs is nagging me to book something for summer so i need to find something pretty quickly

I've left it up to her past few years and the last hotel we went to i was shitting for days as was my mate who bought his family but he had it worse.

Wishing to avoid that and the horrible multi-coloured decor and crappy aircon i want to pick somewhere nice.

Problem is i'm not good on planes. Not a fear, just very sensitive inner ear so i'm spending the entire journey feeling like i'm going to chuck my breakfast over the passenger in-front. Doc can't help and i've tried several things. To be honest it's quite annoying really as so many places i want to travel to.

So i normally set myself a 2:30hr flight time goal. We normally go spain, italy, corsica, ibiza, sardinia and furthest i've been is Malta which i think was around 3hrs or so.

Where ever we go can't be too far, ideally hotel has to be really nice, modern or character rooms, excellent food which is very important, near or on the beach and allows kids. Could anyone suggest something for 2 adults, 2 kids that might fit this criteria?