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I know Budds does it now.
SInce Jan of this year Ministry forced guys that do emissions to buy new system that does not use dyno anymore. They plug into your OBD2 system and here ' e go. I have heard of some problems with the system, since if you have had any issues with trouble codes, and got erased just before the test.... well, the computer still remembers the trouble and even though you don't have any codes showing now, you may fail just because your car did not clear all the faults out of the system yet. After you clear it you will need about 20 KMs before the computer will assume that there is no more codes present.
So if you ever thought that by clearing the codes just before the test is going to help you. welll.... it is not going to happen ( now )
If you have the check engine light on, it is automatic FAIL, retest is 50% off the initial cost.
This is all I know about this new system.
I'm sure that some of us will chime in with more and more info about this new way of testing our cars...