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Originally Posted by andrew335i
I know what lifter ticking sounds like. I've gone through oil deprivation on my 330ci before (on accident of course). It's not that. It's not even a repetitive tick... The timing is diff between each tick.
When I start my 335i, no ticking from cold start till about 1.5 min exactly.
If really cold outside, then no ticking for about 4-5 min.

Here is the interesting thing:
After ticking starts, give it like 8-10 more min of idling, have a smoke.
Then ticking stops for like 8 min.
Then starts again.

Dealer shop foreman, said.
It might be the build up from the charcoal filter in the back, coming forward towards left side of engine and engine processing it.
Said normal for this car.

I am going to keep search for a understandable