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Originally Posted by JasonDCarton View Post
Thank you and Goodluck on the rest of the wrapping, is the vinyl good quality I heard there's different brands some stronger then others? Also I'm in Tucson right now for school but will be home in march and will most defiantly buy it. If that's too long though I understand, just a problem that I'm at school :/ if its a problem I could maybe have a friend back home pick it up
I just finished and overall grade would be a B-. The center console was looking good until I snapped it back into the car and put the shifter back in. Edges started to come up. I did not use any glue, maybe that would've made a stronger bond after it dries. Anyways, just looking at the interior though is awesome for my DIY. Cool thing is that I can just peel it all off. Total time it took me would be about 3-4 hours. If I wasn't interrupted and could get the pieces off the car quicker, then I think it can be done close to 3 hours.

Spring break isn't too far away. If someone else locally wants to buy it off me before that then it's all fair game. I have 2023 square inches left from my 3600 square inches I bought. There's definitely enough to do a complete trim wrap with the weave going in the same direction. As for toughness, it wasn't thin. I'd say it was pretty good stuff but the snug areas made it a little messy in the end.

I'll take a picture with some real daylight.

Next I'm waiting for my matte black wrap to do my mirror caps!!

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