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lol I guess I got a little excited when I saw the thread and didnt read the first "pre"..LOL!! I'm kinda excited what kind of numbers that the stage 2's are going to be putting down considering there targeting the RB market but wont cost as much. Quality looks amazing on some of the pictures I have seen so far so even though I love the RB's im still very curious if the stage 2's are going to be better or compatible with the RB set up.

So OP, were your dynojet numbers where you put down 420whp and 430 torque on the same GIAC tune you were running but just in there new facility (new dyno)? Yea Mustang dynos do read substantially lower than dynojets in my opinion as well.

Also, what made you go with GIAC with your upcoming new Vargas stage 2 setup instead of a more streamline flash like the COBB? Just curious? I know GIAC has been doing flashes for years but on the N54 with upgraded turbos dont you think that a COBB or even a piggy would have been a better option? Especially running E85 mix? I havent checked out what GIAC has to offer these days but maybe I should go and do that to see if something new has come along that I dont know about... Cant wait to see your numbers man and congrats!! Get ready to go really fast buddy
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