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Originally Posted by Wes335XI View Post
Ran 100% meth in my Subaru before I switched to a 50/50 meth/water mix. Never had an issue with it, ran it in the summer and winter in Alaska for about 3 years. The meth in the BMW has not been a problem, but I have seen the WW resevoir leak, I'm assuming because of air built up. So I may go to a separate tank and system prior to summer.

I run the 50/50 winsdhield washer fluid. I really do not see that catching fire. I have spilled the 50/50 meth mix that I had in my Subaru before as well when refilling the ww tank and never had any issues.

I only get 90 octane in Alaska, so if I want to push my car, increase the boost, without blowing it up and not spend 20$ for a 20oz can of Torco at every fill up, then Methanol Injection is our only option. You can see the results when tuning the car and it feels so much better. It is fairly inexpensive too. I would never push my car to its limit, especially at higher boost levels without Meth.
How do you like your charge pipe from BMS? Im looking at getting DP, FMIC, meth all in 1 purchase, and love what BMS has done, either that or im going ER CP
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