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Originally Posted by Palmnuts View Post
Is this the thread where I can get sympathy for the holiday I've just booked for May? Oh, OK then.....

California.....3 nights in LA, 3 nights in San Francisco and 2 nights in Palm Springs. And a Chevrolet Camaro SS (yep, that specific model) to get to each destination.

Followed by....6 nights on Waikiki beach in Hawaii. With a Dodge Challenger R/T ('s that specific model I've booked too ) to get me from the airport to the hotel, where it will probably stay parked up for most of the time

Yeah I know, I normally go to quite exotic places so this one is a bit of an 'austerity' holiday
Geez Andrew,that sounds fecking dire!

Given my plans (2 wks camping by Dungeness B power station) and yours, swanning around the States in a gas guzzler (think of the polar bears you evil man!),and wasting your life on a beach,albeit one of the finest on the planet,Id still prefer the desolation and pebbley beach on the the garden of England's finest coast line.

Nothing beats the wind,the fine rain that soaks you to the skin without you realising,and more importantly, the chance to catch a mutant cod that you can cook on your primus stove.

I do hope you enjoy the time away Andrew,has any one at any time said:
"You are a blessed barsteward"!

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