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Originally Posted by coopersim View Post
As far as I know, stats don't generate errors, neither has an electronic connection to it, purely analogue devices.

Low temps cause poor mpg and lack of DPF regens, if the dealer won't fix it, do it yourself for around 100

The number of affected cars, this issue really should be a sticky to raise awareness before hundreds of cars need new DPF's
Can of worms, when we rely on the garages to identify diesel engine thermostat failure, or low 'opening' temperatures. (Different with MAP thermostats in petrol engines).

Even when there are DPF issues, and garages are supposedly diagnosing the 'fault', there doesn't appear to be any link/flag up back to low ECT. The reports show it gets missed, even replacing the DPF in some instances, to find the same issues come back in short order. I wonder why?

It does appear it is the garages who have learned the hard way, who then know what they are looking for.

From many of the experiences reported on the forums, the typical garage just run a car in the workshop, it gets hot, so that means there are no thermostat issues. They are able to enable a forced regeneration, (if necessary) engine gets even hotter, that "proves" there is no issue with low ECT, "fixed".