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Wastegate rattle and BMWNA

My 335i CPO warranty runs out in one month. I have a bit of wastegate rattle and the dealer confirmed that yes it is wastegate rattle and the turbo's need to be replaced but BMWNA denies the claim because there is no fault code. My actuators have been replaced already due to wastegate rattle. I have called BMWNA 3 times and they say that there is nothing wrong with my car because there is no fault code so there is nothing that they can do. I brought up SI B01 02 12 and told them that I don't understand that under one warranty (the extended 8yr/82k) that turbos are replaced for rattle but under my paid CPO warranty that covers the turbos they will not replace them due to rattle. Frustrating is an understatement at this point. Also the claims lady says there is no one else to speak with. The dealer said the only number they have is the BMWNA 800 number. Is it a losing battle at this point or are there any other ways to pursue the issue?