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hey guys, im having a very similar problem. i bought a 2009 335i CPO in june with 5x,xxx miles. since the first week i've been having problems with it. brakes were shot, waste gate needed to be replaced, spark plugs, since it was misfiring, brake lights out, injectors had to be replaced, coil packs replaced, catalyst melted and was replaced along with several other minor things. the car still makes a rattling noise and 2 nights ago my blue tooth, satelite radio and usb dont work, it just makes a clicking sound like its short circuiting. ive only had the car for a few months and have brought it in to be services 7-8 times already if not more. i called bmw na and im trying to get them to help me out either buy it back or give me a damn good deal on a new car/trade in. im so confused and aggravated. anyone have any advice? bmw of turnersville (where i bought the car) said i shouldnt be having all these issues but to be honest they dont give a shit about it.