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Well after having a cleaner flushed through the system to try and remove the blockage, it worked for about a month and now the dpf warning has come back again. I thought I might get a bit longer out of it, but it wasn't to be.

So now I'm looking into getting the dpf removed, I don't want the part where the dpf is to be hacked open and the dpf removed, I want the section removed and a replacement pipe added. I want to do this because I want to keep the dpf incase mot rules change further down the line and still have it to put back on, I'm told I can get my filter cleaned which I would look into if necessary.

Ecotune seem to have a good rep, but are a bit too far away, would anyone who has had this done like to recommend the people they had do it and how much it cost if you don't mind please. Also could you let me know if you've had any issues due to having it done.