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Originally Posted by bcornwellatl View Post
So on the cornering - I guess my understanding from reading is that if you inflate the tires to say 38 - that it will be equivalent of the RFT tires (being they have thicker side walls). The RFT's I have now make the car feel sporty, but damn, I mean if I hit a small pot hole or anything it feels like the car is just being beat to death... my old car (mazda) didn't seem to have that issue with standard non RFT. but that was a mazda vs BMW and weight was totally different as well..

but thanks for the reply - its appreciated...
I've never had RFT's outside of about a 6-mo period after I bought my e90 used. Nothing but regular tires since and I have no problem cornering...actually never even heard of this being a pro/con between tire types.