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Originally Posted by RyanC View Post
Hey guys,

I'm struggling mightily between a 2013 335is and the F30 335. Did any of you compare between the two, and what pushed you ultimately to the is? I'll be doing ED in late May/June and I'm a little concerned with my brand new is being outdated by the 4 series by the time it gets back to the US. Any of you guys worried about this, or is the grin from diving the car impossible to wipe off regardless?

I'm comparing the 335is 6mt basically loaded vs the 335i Msport 6mt similarly equipped.
I am in a similar situation. My 335is comes in this week. I have always been a coupe guy, but considered a F30 just because it is a new body, but I have to stick with the coupe. The 4 series won't be out until the fall and who knows when an Msport package or a 335is successor will be out, which is what I would want anyway. Plus as soon as it is released there will be no deal on them, and I am getting an unbelievable deal on my 335is. So I am going to take the 335is, drive it a year or so and then eventually get into some variant of a 4 series coupe probably next spring. I hope this helps.
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