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I recently had a similar issue. My non dealer shop did a vacuum test on the front turbo and told me I wasnt able to hold even 4lbs of boost. so i took it to the dealer and the SA said 'no code, no dice'. But i was persistent and suggested that their tech also do a vac test. It came back as unable to hold even 1lb of boost. But the SA warned me that without a code they had a problem getting things covered by warranty. I had to agree to a possible labor charge of 300 bucks for them to continue the diagnosis in hopes of having enough physical evidence to get things covered. Eventually I got a call saying all is well and that I had 2 new turbos. So it is possible without a code. You just need a SA and tech who are willing to put the case to BMWNA. I noted on the job notes that the tech also preformed something called a 'drill bit test'. I have no idea what that is, but maybe your dealership does and they can add that to the case?