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E90 m sport front bumper and under tray

Hello, sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, not intentional.

Last night whilst coming home I saw the under tray hang off under my car when stopping for a coffee.

Closer inspection today and it's clear something has ripped off the rubber lip that runs under the m sport bumper and worst still the amount of evidence of the previous owner ground the nose is alarming,

I spoke to BMW and they are looking in to the AUC report to see if the underside was checked properly.

I'm a bit OCD and would prefer the bottom of bumper, even through you can't see it, to be re painted, question will it just get scuffed again? I guess curbs and speed bumps are all potentially suffers....?

Q2. Is the plastic undertray and rubber lip costly to replace?

So far all I've got left is the main undertray and two flaps hanging down where clearly the centre rubber strip has been ripped off and caught on something.

Any advice....cheers