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Originally Posted by RT-290 View Post
34. Got my 325i in August. My step daughter just turned 13. Practicality tells me she gets the 325 when she gets her license and I get a new bimmer. Sensibility tells me to get her a $2500 corolla so she's not "that spoiled stuck up beatch" when she drives a BMW to school.

I choose sensibility...I can't do that to my kids.
To be fair, do you think your current car will be worth all that much more than $2,500 when she turns 15 or 16 (I don't know license or permit laws for your state)? It will be a 10 year old car and I can't imagine that exuding arrogance and entitlement from her. It's a good, safe car for a new driver. Just food for thought.