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Since this is an ego thread(I know, I was part of the last one a few years ago) I'll continue to add to the useless posts: bought a 2005 330i when I was 21 back in 07. Bought my 2007 335i in 09. I'm 28 now as of this month and in the last two years had posession of the 330i, 335i, 08 lexus is250 and a B7 A4 2.0T. Four cars in less than two years, three of them at one time. Own a 280k home(in suburb of az 5 mins from mall where homes are cheap, 2500sqft, 9 ft pool, 3 car, palms, in ground trampolene, 4 bedrooms, 25 ft vaulted ceilings/fireplace bamboo floors, 70 LCD all wires shaved, 120 3d projection built into ceiling coming down in front of 50" plasma, 7.1 surround built into walls, on and on), my wife carrys a $15k hearts and arrows solitaire. I'm the son of a poor farmer from oregon, whats up. I own a sports bar in old town scottsdale, Marketing call center and a computer repair shop, made my first six figures when I was 22. I don't expect anyone to care, nor would I ever make a thread like this, lol. I'm also korean if that helps any. My family is poor and we aren't really on speaking terms. I started as a baggy pants wearing 1995 mitsubishi eclipse non turbo driver

EDIT: All my cars paid cash except the 330i originally.

This should be renamed GLOAT thread because the only people starting these threads are in their 20's or teens.

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