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Originally Posted by Snapptastic View Post
I'm not saying BMW isn't a luxury car maker, I'm just saying, for what we paid, there are plenty of cars nobody would make a big deal out of. I think people just automatically think spoiled little shit when they see a teenager driving a BMW, but a quick look at would show you that it's really not an insane indulgence, especially when you see that a new corolla costs the same if not more...
I wasn't really referring to any of your posts specifically, because you have your head on straight and recognize/appreciate what you have. And you're totally right about most people's first reaction to a teenager driving a BMW. I think the fact that an older BMW goes for the same as a new Corolla just makes the perception of a BMW being expensive stronger and a little bit of jealousy or resentment takes over. In any case, enjoy the car, that's why you got it.