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That's why I started this thread. It is the biggest joke I have ever experienced as a consumer. How in the world they can sell these units and stay in business is beyond my comprehension

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OK. I have the Dynavin, and have read all of the forums, even solved some of the common problems. Worst $800 I have ever spent. Now I'm worried about selling my 2006 325i with the Dynavin installed because the Dynavin is so crappy. All it is really good for is a radio and even that is debateable. Unfortunately my wife threw out the original BMW parts taken out to install the Dynavin when cleaning out the garage. Either keep your original BMW radio installed or get the Kenwood, pure and simple. The Dynavin is a real PofS (no translation needed). If you are a real idiot and want to look stupid, buy the Dynavin. Your wife will be more than happy to constantly b***tch about the choice. I can guarantee that she will never see the Dynavin as a smart move...Of course, if you are not married, maybe your friends will be a little more forgiving (LOL).
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