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Tweaked or broken vacuum line?

Some help pleaseÖso my independent helped me clean off an old coolant leak stain on the coolant reservoir of my totally stock 2008 E92 335i and in doing this either broke off or knocked off one of my vacuum hoses (see red arrow on attached picture).

When the engine is idling and the hood is up, the air leak from the vacuum line is audibly very noticeable.

Some notes:

-Prior to me figuring this leak out, I got 2 reduced engine power warnings. My independent said he didnít find anything after checking this on the GT1.

-The Check Engine Light came on when the independent was doing a road test, but he didnít find anything wrong and cleared this with his hand scanner (donít know how he missed the hissing vacuum line ).

Any idea how to fix this? I'd have my indy do this, but he's out of town for the next month.

How does my loose vacuum hose attach to the vacuum tank?

Is there a nipple or something that the hose attaches to?

Am I damaging my engine by driving the car with the loose vacuum hose?

Thanks in advance!
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