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Okay, to get it out of the way, I'm 28. Now, OP, a few things. I don't care how or why you got your car or that you're 17. I get it. You're young, you have a pretty cool car and you want to have fun. Go have fun! As long as you don't hurt yourself or anyone else who cares. Couple warnings though.

First. The daddy-bought-it nazis are all over these forums, so just be ready for it.

Second, you just got the car about a month ago and you've only been driving for a year or so. Going 110 in your first three weeks probably isn't a good idea. You're not used to the car, and you really aren't that used to driving. Posting it on here, combined with the fact you're 17, it's BSM with terra interior and that you live in the LAX/South Bay area (looking for mechanic) definitely isn't such a great idea.

Lastly, who the hell took you 145 on the 405?!?!?!? That's about as intelligent as a dead fish. That 405 is the bumpiest, most uneven lame-ass excuse for an insterstate LA has. Very dangerous.

That's it. Enjoy!

Edit: One last thing. If you wanna keep that 4.05 gpa, you better get your butt of e90post at midnight and hit the books or the bed!
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