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Hey guys, So i was part of this thread early on but had a lot going on so never got to the retrofit. I was also a little overwhelmed about coding but i didn't realize it till a week ago that ICS Performance is right down the street from where i live, and they can do the coding. Looks like all i need to do at this point is plug in the Antenna, rewire the mic from FMZ to MULF, and get it coded.

So hears my question. Ive read through the thread since my last post and never really found an answer. I'm probably just not thinking write because I'm shot, but a lot of people said the Mic in the FMZ is wired to the back of the radio or CCC something (my car two has the Yellow and black behind the glove box but they cant be found by the MULF). if that's the case and you are running wires from the MULF to the Mic, are you running the two wires up and just connecting them into the same spot as the existing yellow and black wire? I have been confusing myself because i know there was a lot of talk early on about switching pins. I may be over analyzing this and im just trying to confirm its as simple as running two wires and connecting them to the existing wires of the MIC in the FMZ back to the MULF.