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Originally Posted by Auto Pilot View Post
Update: With the dealer oil change completed in September 2012, it currently reads September 2014. Will be doing my own oil change soon, expect that it will read September 2015 after, which means the CBS does in fact know that an oil change has been completed.
I changed my oil with the OEM stuff (10w30?) from Turner at the 7000mile mark and noticed the mileage for the next oil change didn't move until 5000miles later. CBS says I don't need another oil change for 9000 miles or 1 year from now when it should be 3000miles. I'm going to have to change the oil on my dime again and hopefully, eventually, the warranty will cover the next.

There was an article in Roundel about the CBS oil sensor last year and how it's better than a dip stick because it uses the capacitance of the oil to calculate carbon content. This makes sense intuitively, but I'm sticking to my mid-mileage oil-change routine. In this case, however, CBS is making life a bit more difficult.