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Originally Posted by NTXE92 View Post
There is a nipple. It's attached in the picture. It's still leaking even though its attached?
Thanks for the info...yup, there's a very loud hissing noise coming from that area I highlighted when the engine is on.

The hose is slightly bent/angled toward the cabin area of the car (as opposed to being perfectly perpendicular to the vacuum tank) which leads me to think the nipple must have broken off and is stuck in the hose?

From the picture, you can see the offending hose is not perfectly flush with the tank. When I bend the hose a little to be flush with the tank, the hissing goes away, but it won't stay in place.

(Sorry for the basic Q?, I really don't know much about engines) Can I just pull the hose off the vacuum tank and reattach to inspect what's going on, or is some special tool or adhesive required?