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LCI Halogen Condensation

I just purchased a lightly used pair of LCI halogen headlights out of the UK for my pre-LCI 328xi, and after installing them yesterday, I have noticed a fair amount of condensation gathering in both lenses. The condensation goes away while driving with lights on, then returns after vehicle is shut off and parked for a while. It's not a heavy condensation - just enough to make it look like someone blew on it with their warm breath. The headlights have not been exposed to any rain, so I don't think it is a seal issue. It might also be worth noting that since I installed them yesterday the temperatures have not exceeded 15 degrees Fahrenheit (it's been cold!). I emailed the fellow that sold them to me, and he was able to confirm that the lights have never been baked open.

Sorry for all that info... If someone has any idea how I might go about solving this issue, I would greatly appreciate it! These lights look great, but not with condensation inside.