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DefiV Diff Lockdown Kit

First of all I want to thank Rick for building a super high quality kit and for FFTEC for a quality and quick install, Dave really knows how to turn a wrench.

As many people have seen on the forums, wheelhop has been destroying driveshafts and halfshafts. I actually shattered a halfshaft from wheelhop, so I looked into DSS reenforced units, but I preferred solving the root problem, which was wheel hop caused by our super soft diff bushings creating way too much play in the driveline. I have high hopes that this will save our drivelines from Wheelhop.

I went into FFTEC today, who were able to install the bushings without dropping the subframe. Other shops may request to drop your subframe, but it is not needed.

After a few hours I was on my way, and I noticed immediately how the rear was much more planted. Before at WOT my car would shimmy to one side or another, but after the kit was installed the car just plants and runs solid and straight. The original diff bushings can actually be squeezed by hand, that is how much play there is. Which is terrible for a 400+ WHP car.

Also on the freeway when I downshift, the car no longer shifts to one side before pulling forward, it just sticks and goes.

This kit is essential for any modded N54 car and to save your driveline also this kit did not induce any additional Noise Vibration or Harshness. It's pretty isolated with our subframe bushings.

Also Rick offerred incredible support throughout the process. Here are some pics of the kit and installation.

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