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Originally Posted by snoozee View Post
faster and easier to just run a new set of mic wires from the MULF to the FDZ than trying to figure out where the existing one goes from/to. the original wire is 2 core plus shielded. the mic has just 2 wires connected but the MULF will have the 2 cores and shield connected. however, you can live with just using 2 core wire without shielding.
Interestingly, the shield pin on the mic itself is internally disconnected. Whenever you're shielding wire like that, you want the shield grounded on one side but not the other.

Anyway, I'd spring for shielded twisted pair wire anyway. It's an extra $20 on top of what you'd spend on cheap crap 22 gauge speaker wire from radioshack, and since it's on the mic line, the (substantial) added noise rejection will be noticed by the other end of your call, not you. Do them a favor

This is what I purchased. If the auction URL changes, it's shielded twisted pair wire, 25ft, from a seller named navships. Super high quality, really great stuff. Glad I have 14' left over after doing the install for myself and gjimmy. And for what it's worth, I never get complaints about audio quality on calls from the car