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For all you older guys complaining theres a lot more young guys on here than you would think. I know of quite a few and the most interesting part is a lot of them are some of the major contributors to the forum and the most helpful.

I've posted this before only when asked but I guess i'll post it here too in case anyone in the thread has wondered and didn't want to ask. I'm 17 and when we bought the car it was used with 47k miles for under 30k. Basically my family needed another car and knowing I would be driving soon they let me have input as to what to get. I begged and researched some 335's until I finally found one that was right which is what we now have. Since 22k was the original budget I had to pay the rest with money i've saved up over a long time.

In regards to mods, I have to pay for all of those and maintenance. I work at a Liquor store in my town 2 days a week at $10 an hour and do some extra side jobs here for cash. Just sent payment to get OSS lights and now saving up for valve cleaning, msport, and exhaust. After that i'm going to hopefully be done and have a chance to start saving my money.

I'm in no way trying to brag like the some of you think but just trying to explain my situation and maybe prove some of you wrong in the process. Just because someone is young and drives a nice car does not mean they are a spoiled brat and irresponsible. It's like the saying "don't judge a book by its cover." You should wait until you know the person to make a conclusion. I know a variety of different kids with nice cars and some deserve them and are great kids while others are completely spoiled brats and are not grateful of what they get at all. If I told all of you some of the stories of kids at my school you would be amazed... Anyways, congrats on the new car OP! Enjoy it and be safe!
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