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my windscreen wiper nightmare

ok i hadnt had any trouble before but thought why not get some new wipers before so im ahead....i still regret saying that to the stealer...

i should have researched before hand price especially..i figured 50 dollars like the e46 $172 when the invoice come out ..i nilly laughed i thought it was a joke ...

they charged me $172 for bloody wipers ,,$ 32 dollars was labour,,,fuking hell it takes 30 seconds to do.. they fuked me over there big time i coulda saved $32 by picking them up next door at parts shop and they didnt even fill the water up with that labour...

and to make matters worse they shutter and rub my old ones didnt , ive been back now 2 times and had them replaced but still doing same thing...

.the service guys response last week....

.i dont know what to do just keep squirting washer fluid on them when it rains ...
the mechanic response my windscreen water felt dry (ummm maybe it needs special fukin water i thought all water was wet ) ......i need to use there fluid (of course) so i did and they said come back when it rains

tried not fixed...i have tried all the different remedies from the internet with people with bmws to help it not rub so bad.. like shampoo windscreen different solutions clay bar rubbing alcohol ive spent a fortune on items
now ive got new bosch wipers just come in the mail today and its raining i cant wait to finish work to see this has been keeping me up at night its rediculous

we will see if its the wipers or something else...i know its a small thing but with all my luck with my last 2 bmws this could be the last straw it drives you insane.
i wonder if the new wipers work fine they will refund my wipers at bmw ??????

and its worse when the wifes mazda wich cost$16000 has not had one single creek or problem in 5 years and my car cost 3 times it
and its embarrasing there is always something wrong loosing my faith..i think mercs will be next....if i cant fix my wipers