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I'm 24 and have driven alot of different cars but only ever owned a petrol.

Started off in a fearsome fiat punto with a roaring 4 cyl 1.2 under the Bonnet maybe a full 90hp if you were lucky.

Then got a part time job and with the longer mileage from going to uni Moved into a 1.6 Astra. Which honestly seemed like a rocket ship at the time. I think it was probably the first car I fell in love with.

Finally got a good job where I didn't have a lot of outgoings and got an rx8. Which once again I loved. But the fuel economy was terrible for the 192hp it returned. But to this day is probably still the most balanced road car I've driven.

Then came a 320i for a year. The finally the 330i. I do probably about 13-18 thousand miles a year and figured it'll take years and thousands of litres of fuel make the diesel cheap. Assuming the dpf or turbo didn't die in that time. So I went for petrol. And honestly it's great.

The worst car I've ever driven was without a shadow if a doubt one of the works diesel Astra estates. If anyone has ever been in the service of HMG you'll know exactly what I mean when I say an MT car is ruined. It had an impressive 230,000 on the clock which for a 60 plate a year ago isn't too bad..... I I guess it's clutch had been used to change gear at least four times during that distance. Awful car..... But I have driven a friends mapped 320d and it's excellent. But I wouldn't swap it for my 330i ;-)